The sound of pounding nails

The roofers are back!!!


There’s nothing like being woken up by the sound of people walking around on your roof – and then throwing things around on it. Both kids climbed in bed with me this morning. Ane was full of questions – “Mommy, what’s all that noise? Are there people on the roof again?” – and Tad, after going to the dark living room and not finding anyone and starting to cry, gratefully followed the sound of my voice right back to my bedroom, where he took up position on the other side of me.

Which is how the Webmaster found us when he came in from talking with the roofers, much to his amusement. I was sandwiched between two warm little bodies who were picking at my face.

You would not believe how much the coffee is helping right now.

In the meantime, since I have the morning at home with the kids, I do believe it’s time to break out the chocolate and marshmallows and start making Christmas fudge.

PS (added later) – I almost forgot… today will be Ane’s first “birthday moment” of several this month and into next month… she is the only December birthday at Cubbies and tonight is birthday night. I should bring my camera to capture her moment of glory. And no, I haven’t told her that this is happening tonight. Do you think I’m stupid???

One Response to “The sound of pounding nails”

  1. Cousins' Mommy
    December 5th, 2007 10:09

    Save me some fudge!