Invasion of the Cousins

Last Saturday, the Captain, Q-Bee and Belle arrived to spend a week here with my parents, Auntie and the rest of us for Christmas. So far, it’s been a good one, but a full post about Christmas Day will have to wait because…

Little Cousin and Baby Cousin are arriving TODAY. With their mommy, of course (who will be known on this blog from now on as “Resiss”, which is what Ane used to call her before she could say her real name properly. And if you can figure out her real name from that, you are way ahead of the rest of us). Their dad will arrive in a couple of days, once his leave kicks in.

And where does all of this cousiny goodness land us tomorrow?

Celebrating Ane’s fourth birthday.

So, there will be a birthday post tomorrow! You’ll just have to wait for the Christmas pictures until later. 🙂

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