All partied out

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes, everyone. Let me say that Ane enjoyed every second of her birthday, and made sure that every person around her knew that it was HER SPECIAL DAY.

As for me, I’ve hit a fatigue wall. I’m supposed to make a cheesecake, and I’m just too bleeding tired to even think about it. I just threw a birthday party! And I will post a picture of the cake later.

We’re going to take all the cousins to the portrait studio and try to get a picture of them together. Pray for us now, in the hour of our insanity.

The Christmas and birthday debriefing will commence before the new year, I promise. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this cuteness:
Ane and Baby Cousin finally meet!

Ane was so thrilled to finally get to meet her Baby Cousin! She can’t stop talking about babies, including asking me if I can have another baby. I think that we’ll make that decision without the four-year-old’s input, thank you very much.

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