So, no professional pictures of the 5 cousins this time around, and who knows if we’ll EVER do a professional sitting with them. Here’s what happened:

Belle threw up at Ane’s birthday party. Poor kid, she had just told Q-Bee that her tummy hurt, and then… As the Captain so helpfully said, “I’m glad that this is on YOUR carpet!”

Our carpet is kind of a family joke. It is the same carpet that existed in the house when we bought it five years ago, and it is terrible. It’s a dark teal green. It’s been prominently displayed in many of the pictures I’ve posted on this site. It was in pretty good condition when we bought the house, so we couldn’t really justify spending money on new carpet. And on the up side, we haven’t cared much when spills and messes happen, so long as they got cleaned up. So, really, vomit is no big deal on our carpet. Maybe we’ll put in new carpet… before we move, so the kids can’t mess it up.

The next morning, I went to get the kids up… and there was the unmistakable smell of stomach acid in Tad’s room. The boy had thrown up during the night, made a really huge mess, and had slept through the whole thing. This is not the first time that he’s done this, and it always freaks me out that he can vomit in his sleep. So, of course it was crusty and dry and disgusting. I roused the Webmaster, and as soon as Tad was awake, he began to cry. His father handled giving the boy a bath while I stripped the bed and collected everything that had been tagged – including Tad’s bunny.

I called the Captain to see how Belle was, and learned that she’d been up all night heaving. She’d finally stopped at about 4:30 am. I told him about Tad, and we agreed if there was another barfing incident, the pictures were off. Tad did not disappoint, poor baby, and ergo, no professional pictures. He’d recovered enough in the evening that we went over to my parents’ house for a some last pictures. The Captain, Q-Bee and Belle left this morning for Missouri, and Oddball arrived just yesterday, so there was one evening with all of us in the same house. We took a complete family photo, and the kids were generally cooperative.

This morning, Tad was feeling a lot better – and ravenous. He’d hardly been able to keep anything down yesterday, drinking only water at the end of the day, so he chowed on toast and juice this morning, with a little yogurt after eating his toast. We’re keeping a close eye on Ane, and I know that Resiss is doing the same for Little Cousin at my parents’ house.

I hate vomit. I really, really hate it.

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