A Corner Christmas, part 2

This will last for as many parts as I find suitable pictures. 🙂

Christmas morning!
Ane dives in on Christmas morning.

Tad and Mommy inspect his new Cars
Tad liked to go off and open his presents on his own, then come back, sit in either my lap or the Webmaster’s, and have us look at what he got.

Our family
We always try to take one family picture with the timer on the camera. Thanks to digital technology, we knew we had a good one with shot #2.

Santa Tad and Mommy
At Grandma and Gichan’s house. Tad appropriated the Santa hat from Auntie.

Belle helps Ane open a present
The cousins were quite involved with what the other ones got.

Tad's dream come true
Uncle Captain brought this gift for Tad all the way from Missouri – a dump truck and hardhat, shovel and rake. It was Tad’s favorite gift of Christmas morning.

What every girl wants - PRINCESS SHOES!
Grandma and Gichan gave Ane Disney Princess shoes. To say that she loves them is an understatement.

Watch out, Bob Vila
Tad received a tool box from Obachan. He finally figured out how to open it for himself a couple of days ago (we were doing it for him before that), and now he follows me around the house with a hammer, tape measure, and a Phillips and flathead screwdrivers… just in case I need something fixed. Just call him Handy Tad.

One Response to “A Corner Christmas, part 2”

  1. dozeymagz
    January 9th, 2008 09:35

    Lovely photos!!! A belated Happy New Year to you all!!!!