System failure

I am blogging from the laptop, which I am not used to at all. Why, do you ask?

We have a major hard drive issue with our desktop computer, the end result of which is that we will probably be purchasing a whole new system. Fortunately, all of our pictures are backed up.

So, I will be updating from the laptop, unless the desktop undergoes a miraculous resurrection with the disk checking thingy that the Webmaster is currently running. But I have no pictures to post. Boo. This sucks.

So, instead, I will tell you a funny story. Regular readers of the blog will recall what a picky eater Ane would like to be. I made parmesan chicken, pasta and green peas tonight for dinner. She broke into tears because we weren’t having pancakes. In my defense, we had pancakes on Tuesday for dinner. At dinner, she ate her pasta and declared herself done.

Tad polished off his entire plate (peas included!), and then went on to eat most of his sister’s chicken and some more pasta. Ane saw him doing this, and scolded him: “Tad, don’t eat all your dinner!”

Translation: “Stop it! You’re making me look bad!”

His tummy was quite full when he was done. “Don’t squeeze him,” I warned the Webmaster as he went to go put him in his Cars pajamas. The footie jammies had a hard time zipping over his tummy, let me tell you. And he’d eaten a really good lunch!

He eats to warm his mother’s heart. And to make his sister look bad.

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