Still waiting…

Supposedly, the new system will arrive in the next couple of days. The Webmaster managed to do a final back up on Saturday, so once the new system comes, everything should be okay. In theory.

In other news, Tad called for emergency services from an elevator yesterday. He slipped away from his father, found the elevator at church, pushed the “up” button and the doors opened, so he walked in, just like he’s used to doing at Obachan’s condo and at the medical building where he had his speech therapy sessions. Then the doors shut, and he apparently freaked out (being sans parent, as he was) and started hitting buttons. And guess which button is the easiest for a toddler to reach? Why, the bright red emergency one, of course!

I was looking for him when the elevator doors opened and a sobbing Tad ran out. I picked him up, but then realized that a voice was saying, “Hello, is anyone there?” in the elevator. Another mom that I know pretty well dashed in and told the emergency operator that it was all right – a toddler had been hitting buttons, but everyone was okay.

Tad was pretty thouroughly scared, and would not let go of me for a full 20 minutes. Poor kid. And then Auntie pointed out, “Hey, now both of your kids have done this!” Which is true – Ane actually has done it twice, but when she was Tad’s age, not recently.

Speaking of Auntie, tomorrow is her Golden Birthday! She is going to be 15… and I am feeling very old right now. Happy birthday, kiddo!

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