The Sleeping Beauty Game

A few days ago, Ane was trying to play with her brother, who was almost completely ignoring her.

“Tad, I’m Sleeping Beauty, and you’re the prince,” she informed him.

He continued playing with his cars.

Ane then set up a pillow and blanket on the floor, laid down on them and squeezed her eyes shut. Sleeping Beauty had gone to sleep. And then, in a very loud stage whisper, Ane said, “Tad… Tad! Come kiss me!”

Tad continued ignoring her.

Ane laid on the floor, “sleeping”, for 15 minutes.

I had 15 minutes of total peace, until Tad left the room, stepping right over his sister, and Ane gave up.

I’m wondering if we can get her to play this game again, early and often! 🙂

One Response to “The Sleeping Beauty Game”

  1. Resiss
    February 8th, 2008 06:24

    Baby Cousin rolled over, tummy to back, for the first time yesterday! Sorry, I had to share.