My Exciting Holiday Weekend

Here’s a sampling of what we do on three-day weekends (ones the Webmaster actually has off):

– laundry
– clean up yard
– prune hydrangea bush
– hold stamp camp at Friend’s house
– church on Sunday
– get Ane’s bangs trimmed
– grocery shopping
– more laundry
– dishes, dishes, dishes
– chase the kids outside to play because there is SUN OUT THERE!
– have kids ride bikes/trikes
– watch Tad try to stick rocks up our minivan’s tail pipe (NOOO!!)
– spray for termites (the Webmaster’s job)
– fold laundry
– read book from library before it is due
– vacuum house
– put folded laundry away before kids unfold it

Don’t we lead such thrilling and exciting lives???

I hope that everyone had more fun than we did this last weekend!

One Response to “My Exciting Holiday Weekend”

  1. linda
    February 19th, 2008 07:39

    Wow!At least you were all very productive, including the rocks up the ‘tail pipe’!
    We were supposed to tear down and build a new fence on the pool side with the neighbors…but, George decided to be sick with the flu bug that was/is going around his office! So, I actually played Nurse Jane again!
    hugs from all of us