Summed up in a sentence

The weather has been strangely, fantastically good this week. We keep hearing on the weather reports that “once this front of high pressure off the coast disappears, the rain will be back.” The high pressure has hung around, and we’ve had mostly clear skies and no rain all week.

To take advantage of all of this sunshine (and to reacquaint the children with the great outdoors and the bright, shiny orb in the sky), I’ve had them playing outside every day before naptime. Yesterday, we were having lunch at Obachan’s, and then I suggested walking the trail from her condo complex to the Bothell Landing playground. The kids were thrilled. Tad was especially happy, because I decided to let him walk it. No stroller, no monkey backpack and leash. Keeping him on the path and out of the goose poo that has started to accumulate again was a bit of a chore, but he totally enjoyed it. We are trying to treat him as if he really is 2 and a half, not an overgrown baby.

Ane and Tad behaved very well at the playground, which was quite crowded. School is out this week locally for mid-winter break (and what great weather for it!), so there were a lot of older kids at the park. Ane had no problem finding kids to play with – most of them older than her – and Tad found a rock and a stick and had a great time going down the slides.

Of course, when he tripped and came up with bark and dirt all over his hands, he shook them off, then walked over to me and wiped his hands on MY jeans.

He’s figured out why Mommy needs to be washable, I guess.

On our walk back, Tad found another stick and rock and was contentedly walking along… until Ane felt a need to try and grab them from him.

“Ane, it’s just a rock!” I scolded. “Why are you bothering him?”

She looked at me, and in all seriousness, said, “I don’t like it when he has stuff.”

That pretty much sums up her perspective of their relationship at the moment, don’t you think?

And on the American Idol front… I was mostly right! Garrett was gone right off the bat, but I was slightly suprised to see Colton gone that quick. I thought he might last another week, considering Luke’s performance. But I didn’t expect Colton to make the Top 12, so I have no problem getting rid of him now. Danny, please don’t cry EVERY TIME someone leaves. It annoys me greatly.

As far as the girls go, I had Amy pegged as the first one to go, and when it came down to Joanne or Amanda, I knew it would be Joanne. I am so glad 60’s music week is over.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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