I’ve got a variety of things to write about today, but I promise to make it brief.

First off, I bought myself a new purse! It is not the purse to end all purses, and was not purchased at “the purse store” or any of its outlets, but it is a much needed stopgap measure. I picked it up at Fred Meyer (while Tad was trying to pull all the purses off the shelves and Ane was dancing around, sniffing at the leather) for 50% off, and I really like it. It’s dark brown, more of a tote-style than a hobo bag, and will not bite me the way my previous purse did. I only wish it was a little bigger, but maybe I should just stop carrying around so much crap.

Second, American Idol has turned into David Archuleta vs. all the other guys in the competition. Seriously. And the video of him singing for Kelly Clarkson when he was 11??? Wow. Oh, and Danny should be smacked around for butchering the Carpenters‘ “Superstar.” I love the Carpenters – my mother had a lot of their LPs, and we grew up listening to them. The Captain and I even have our own inside joke regarding one song. “Love, look at the two of us, strangers in many ways…” (Extra points if you can name the song.) So I just about fell over in shock to hear Danny sing that, and he couldn’t even go as low as Karen could!! Argh. Back me up on this, Resiss.

Third, I realize I’ve been writing an awful lot about Ane lately. This does tend to happen around here. One child will dominate the blog for a while, and then the other one will take over. It is somewhat cyclical. Rest assured, Tad is fine. He got to watch “Cars” with Daddy while Ane and I were at the bridal shower two nights ago, while playing with his Cars, including Chick Hicks, which he bought with his Valentine money from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa. (Ane bought her first Barbie doll with her Valentine money – a ballerina Barbie, and she loves brushing her hair.) The boy was loving every minute of it.

Finally, the weather is about to change – to rain. Boo. I have cabin fever, which has led to spring fever. My crocuses (croci?) are starting to pop up, and I really liked kicking the kids outside to burn off energy, instead of pounding on each other indoors. And I’m planning to work on my garden – one of my roses has died (it came with the house and it wasn’t mine or even one I liked), so now I can buy a new one! I have pruned my hydrangea bush down, and am waiting for it to leaf out and bloom. My bleeding heart is coming back (it has the shadiest spot in the front yard). The junipers are slated for execution. And we need to paint the house this summer. But we’re going to stay put and not go house hunting for a while, which means that we get to enjoy the improvements that we make. It does mean some extra work for us, but I think it will be worth it.

2 Responses to “Hodgepodge”

  1. Resiss
    February 27th, 2008 07:00

    I had a fit when Danny started in with a Carpenters’ song (Oddball can attest to this). There was no big forte into the chorus! It was a bland performance, Danny was dressed like a grandpa who never leaves his armchair, and I swear he was wearing lipstick. And the song lyric above is from “For All We Know.”

  2. Matthew
    February 27th, 2008 07:28

    Every time I see David Archuletta guffaw and act all bashful, I want to smack him one. But then I hear the kid sing and go, wow. He seems like such a nice kid. My wife calls him TheMonk because she could see our boy turning out like that. I guess it could be worse.

    The video of him singing to Kelly Clarkson was pretty cool.