Happy Day

A happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! I am celebrating the little Irish blood in me (and the kids – we don’t know if the Webmaster has any Irish blood in him, though the Guinness in the garage is most certainly for him) with a corned beef dinner tonight and a green-tinted lemon meringue pie for dessert. And we are all wearing green – even the Webmaster (he asked me if his shirt was green this morning and I told him yes, it was. Remember, he’s color blind).

And we are having company over to eat said Irish dinner – Juliet and her family are in town, so we will finally get to meet Baby With Flat Hat in person! And the Friend-and-Doc crew may come over as well. There will be plenty of food, but I might have to have a kids’ table to seat everyone…

I love lemon meringue pie. It was my Ojiichan’s favorite dessert. I don’t know what he would have thought of a green pie, though… I’m still having pie crust issues – I have a hard time rolling it out enough, and then it always seems to shrink up in the pie plate after I bake the shell. The humidity affected the meringue this time, too. Oh, well, it will taste great. I guess I need more practice making pie crust. The Webmaster said that he would be my guinea pig. He sacrifices so much for me…

And a VERY happy first birthday to Handy Baby! I won’t be able to give him his birthday present until he gets back from vacation, though. He’s celebrating his first birthday in Hawaii. Too bad he won’t remember it!

So, have a happy day, everyone – I’m off to scrub potatoes.

One Response to “Happy Day”

  1. Resiss
    March 17th, 2008 14:56

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Because of St. Patrick, Ireland is a Christian nation and snake-free! A little history for you. 😉

    We’re also having corning beef, along with Irish soda bread muffins and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches in the shape of shamrocks (those were a pain to make) since Oddball and I both have Irish blood. I even bought Baby Cousin a new shirt that says “Kiss Me I’m Irish” that she’ll wear tonight.