Ane Speaks – to the movie

Raising a Star Wars fan is complicated.

Ane is well versed in Episodes I and II, and in the original Star Wars movie (which is technically Episode IV) – mostly because I find that Episode I is extremely kid-friendly, Episode II has lots of action, and of course, how do you get anywhere in the world without knowing Episode IV? I mean, really!

The Webmaster now has the technology to create mp3 CDs for me that contain the audio tracks of entire movies. The kids and I really enjoy listening to them in the car, and it harkens back to my own childhood – my Dad did this on cassette tape back in the olden days. This is partially how my siblings and I memorized these movies. Plus, it forces the kids to listen and visualize, instead of just watching the moving images.

Anyway, the Webmaster made us a CD that contains the entire original trilogy. We started The Empire Strikes Back yesterday, and I realized that Ane doesn’t really know the movie that well. So, after baths last night, I cued up the DVD to the Battle of Hoth and we watched that part, and a little bit beyond.

Ane was really into it. So much so that when the asteroid field sequence started up, she was downright worried. When Han Solo announces that “I’m going in closer to the big ones,” Ane sat up straight in the Webmaster’s lap and yelled, “Oh, NO! NO! DON’T DO THAT!!”

She was very relieved to see that it turned out okay. However, we stopped the movie (it was bedtime), so she has no idea that they parked inside a space slug.

We’ll save that for another day.

On the American Idol front… I honestly don’t know who should go. I think Kristy is actually safe for a change, and that the earth shifted for Carly and David Cook. They actually might be in trouble. Also, can we make it a rule that no contestant can perform a former contestant’s work?? On the basis of that alone, Syesha should go. Whether or not she will is anyone’s guess.

2 Responses to “Ane Speaks – to the movie”

  1. Webmaster
    April 9th, 2008 10:18

    And could Carly, for just one week, cover up that hideous tattoo? Please? Trust me, we won’t forget it’s there ever again. Just cut us some slack!

  2. Resiss
    April 9th, 2008 10:29

    Good job on the Star Wars nerd-child. Their Uncle Oddball will be proud. I’m really bummed I won’t be visiting you all this week.

    For American Idol I agree that Syesha should go, but she seems to skate by each week, kind of like Kristy, whose really improved the past three weeks. And you’re right that David Cook and Carly were disappointments – bad song choices.