Game, set, match – over

Tad has learned to open doors. This is not good.

Well, he’s been able to open certain doors for a while. The doors at Grandma and Gichan’s house, for example, are fair game because they have a lever-type handle on all their doors. At home, though, we just have old-fashioned traditional round knobs.

He has only really figured this out in the last couple of weeks. The Saturday before last – the sunny one, not the snowy one – the Webmaster and I were hard at work in the yard, and desperately trying to keep Tad’s large Tonka dump truck inside the house. He absolutely LOVES that truck. It’s big enough for him to ride around in sometimes, and he likes to stuff his favorite blue Tigger blanket and his beloved bunny into it and push it around the house. But I knew that if the truck got outside, he was going to fill it with dirt and then it could no longer be an “inside” toy without a major cleaning. And I didn’t have time for a major cleaning.

“Please put that truck in his room, and shut the door,” I begged the Webmaster.

Five minutes later, Tad was cheerily pushing his truck back outside.

“I thought you put that in his room!” I yelled at the Webmaster over the roar of the lawn mower.

“I did!” he yelled back.

The same thought crossed our minds at the same time – uh-oh.

Yesterday morning, Tad burst into our room at 6 am, ready to take on the world. His father and I were most decidedly NOT. He climbed into bed with us, eventually kicking his father out (which was probably his goal), and then proceeded to poke and prod at his sleep-deprived mother until she, in desperation, turned on the TV for him.

It didn’t work.

I just want to know one thing – WHY can’t he get up early on the mornings that we actually HAVE to be somewhere?!?! On Monday and Tuesday, I literally had to drag both the kids out of bed by their heels. On Tuesday, Tad didn’t want to wake up from his nap. I was running the vacuum cleaner in his room before Kay arrived, and all he did was roll over and pull his blanket over his head. Once she was there, I pulled all the covers off – and THAT got him moving.

Which reminds me of something funny – and proof that I am living with a teenager trapped in the body of a four-year-old. I had finally gotten Ane out of bed on Monday, and I asked her what she wanted for breakfast.

“I’m not really hungry,” she yawned. “I’ll just have coffee and my vitamin.”

Anyway, Tad’s ability to open doors presents certain problems for us – he can now break into his sister’s room at will, which ticks her off to no end. In fact, she told me earlier this week that “I’m tired of having a brother. Can we trade him in for a baby?”

“Um, honey, if we had another baby, it might BE another brother.”

Ane didn’t care. “I just want another baby, not HIM. Can he go live at Grandma’s house?”

No, but I might be heading there for some uninterrupted sleep. At least no one will come in and jump on me at 6 in the morning. I think.

2 Responses to “Game, set, match – over”

  1. Resiss
    April 25th, 2008 05:58

    I don’t know, if I pay Auntie I could get her to jump on you at 6am. Money talks to a poor teenager.

    As for Ane, maybe she’s feeling left out. In the past seven months both Little Cousin and Belle have gotten a baby sister and they seemed quite pleased them while her brother is less than satisfying to her. What she, and her cousins, doesn’t realize is that those babies are going to become bigger and Belle and Little Cousin won’t be so thrilled with them when they’re pounding on the bathroom door in the morning screaming “get out you can’t look any worse!”

    Sound familiar? Good times.

  2. Matthew
    April 25th, 2008 06:15

    Hey, Ane’s breakfast and my breakfast are eerily similar. Although I usually skip the vitamin.