Fight! Fight!

The window of opportunity for Ane to dominate Tad physically has long since closed. However, she seems to forget that every now and then.

Yesterday afternoon at Obachan’s, the kids were both presented with new toys to play with (because Obachan loves them and loves to spoil them rotten). Tad got a new truck to play with (that beeps when you push a button on the top of the roof), and Ane got some chipboard lacing animal cutouts – very similar to this toy.

After playing with their new toys (which remain at Obachan’s house to be played with there) for a while separately, Tad decided to bug Ane by ramming his new truck into her stuff. This ticked her off, but I kept telling her to ignore him and continue working on her “sewing project.” And she managed to, until Tad knocked one of the lacing card animals to the floor.

Ane hauled herself off her chair, picked it up, placed it on the table, and then slugged her brother in the shoulder, yelling “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!”

Tad screwed up his face, but not to cry – he immediately dropped his truck and charged Ane, grabbing her around the waist and almost dropping her to the floor.

I watched as the two of them wrestled briefly, and then Ane got to her feet and tried to get back on her chair, but Tad tried to drag her off again. When he realized that he couldn’t do it, he hit her on the back – twice.

During the hitting, Ane was yelling at him, “Don’t hit your sister! DON’T HIT YOUR SISTER!!”

After Tad got his thumps in, the fight was over. He picked up his truck, and she went back to her lacing card animals. Their faces resumed their normal color, and all was right with the world again. They’d had their spat out.

However, their mother and great-grandmother were now having to pick themselves off the floor from laughing at the two of them.

2 Responses to “Fight! Fight!”

  1. Laurie
    May 2nd, 2008 07:54

    Go Tad! (We all know Ane can take care of herself.)

  2. Matthew
    May 4th, 2008 06:54

    Um, Mom, aren’t you supposed to… oh, I don’t know… maybe… intervene in instances like this?

    (Although, I kinda like seeing how it played out and, perhaps, Ane did have it coming.) Go Tad!