More marriage talk

There is nothing more annoying than a four-year-old who talks about getting married ALL THE TIME.

Okay, there are more annoying things, but this is ranking pretty high on my list at the moment.

Ane is convinced that she is going to marry the Brain when they grow up (she’d marry him now, but I told her she’d have to drop out of preschool or pay her tuition herself, because married women do not have their parents pay for school), and she is equally convinced that Head desires her for himself, but she doesn’t want to marry him.

In reality, neither boy is particularly fond of the prospect of being tied to Ane for life. And really, since she regularly torments them both to tears, can you blame them?

The Brain is getting a better idea of what marriage is, apparently. Last night at dinner, when Ane brought up marrying him yet again (and not marrying his brother), the Brain objected because Ane is only four. This led to a conversation including the facts that:
– his mother is older than his father
– I am younger than the Webmaster
– Ane is only 15 months younger than he is.

The Brain thought that Ane was going to stay at age four forever, I guess.

“So when you are 25, how old will Ane be?” Friend asked. “Just subtract one year.”

The Brain did the mental math. “24!” he proclaimed. “That means I can marry you!” he said to Ane.

All the adults at the table groaned. Friend sighed and looked at me. “Don’t worry,” she said reassuringly, “we’ll get them into pre-dating counseling, then premarital counseling, and then right after the wedding we’ll sign them up for marriage counseling – because they’re going to need it.”

God help us all if those two EVER marry. Is it wrong to pray that it doesn’t happen? Not that I would mind having Friend and Doc as in-laws, but Ane and the Brain? Could there BE a worse personality match?

Deep breath. They are only four and five, and one of them is bound to discover the concept of cooties within the next few years. Dear God, let it be soon.

One Response to “More marriage talk”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    May 5th, 2008 10:19

    This really got a laugh out of me. I had forgotten cooties! Thanks for making my day!