Dear Lord,

Hi, it’s me again.

The weather has been fair recently, but according to the forecasts, that’s going to change.


I don’t know if You can tell, but I really do enjoy having nicer weather, because I can let the kids play outside and burn off their wild energy out there, in Your creation, where there is no need to shush them or wish for thicker walls and a bigger house.

Yesterday, it started sprinkling around here right before dinner, which meant that after dinner, we got treated to what we’ve now named “Drunken Monkey Wrestling” between Ane and Tad because they didn’t want to go back outside – even though it had stopped sprinkling. They were good-naturedly pummeling each other – no tears, no whining – with Ane’s advantage being her height, and Tad’s strategy being to take her out at the legs and sit on her. It was really funny. Next time, we’ll videotape it.

But it does wear on one’s nerves, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. By myself. I really enjoyed the quiet and the exercise.

Please don’t take that away from me.

It’s been a very long and cold winter around here, and we’re barely getting a taste of spring. I really need to keep the kids outside to keep my sanity intact.

So, if You could hold the rain off for a few more days, that would be great. It can rain on Thursday, if You need it to rain.

Thank You.


One Response to “Dear Lord,”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    May 6th, 2008 12:45

    I keep hoping for this Global Warming stuff, but I don’t think it’s coming, myself.