Tad Speaks – Cars edition

So, we all know that Tad’s favorite movie on earth is Cars, right? It’s gotten to the point where Ane is so sick of watching it that we only let Tad see it when she’s not home.

Last night, the Webmaster took Ane to the library for story time and I kept Tad at home, relaxing after a long day and his speech therapy session (thumbs up from Kay for his improved lip protrusion when he tries to blow bubbles or use a straw). I decided he needed a treat, so I let him watch Cars.

While he loves the movie, his favorite parts are the races – the Dinoco 400 at the beginning of the movie, the dirt track race between Doc and McQueen in the middle, and the Championship Race at the end of the movie. Sometimes, we’ll just start the movie at the Championship Race just to satiate his need for Cars without driving the rest of us nuts. (Ha ha, I said “driving!”)

I was jumping ahead through several parts to finish the movie before bathtime, so by the time the Webmaster and Ane got home, it was time for the last race. Tad was excited and ready for it. He stood in front of the TV as the screen went dark, and as his father, sister and I watched, he began to say along with Lightning McQueen…

“Spee. I ah spee.”

Translated: “Speed. I am speed.”

Maybe I should let Kay see him do THAT next week.

One Response to “Tad Speaks – Cars edition”

  1. Matthew
    May 7th, 2008 07:49

    Woo Hoo! The kid’s on a roll!