TGIF and Mother’s Day to come

It is finally Friday!

Only 24 more hours (or so) that I have to keep Tad face-scrape-and-bruise free! We’re doing family pictures on Saturday. I would like to encase him in bubble wrap until then, but I have a feeling his sister would just jump on him until it all popped and then set him free.

On Saturday, I am going to take C. out to tea as a very belated birthday celebration. However, the Peach Tree at Country Village is only serving a Mother’s Day tea this weekend, and C. has no children. But that’s okay. I’ll be the mom, she’ll be the birthday girl, we’ll both eat warm scones with clotted cream and lemon curd and drink tea and all will be well with the universe.

Sunday, I will be cooking dinner for my mother after she spends all day (and hopefully it’s a nice day) working in her yard (her idea – she loves gardening). Obachan is going out with my uncles, and Great Grr-monga and Great Grandpa are on a trip, so we won’t be doing a “big” family dinner. It’s too bad Nana (the Webmaster’s mother) isn’t here, but we sent a card and I’m sure she’ll be getting a phone call from her son. However, it will not be able to top the phone call he gave her on Mother’s Day in 2003:

The Webmaster: “Hi Mom, Happy Grandmother’s Day!”
Nana: “Well, I guess it is Grandmother’s Day, too.”
The Webmaster: “No, Mom, Happy Grandmother’s Day.”
Nana: “Yes, you can talk to your grandmother in a minute.” (They were visiting the Webmaster’s grandmother in Colorado at the time.)
The Webmaster: (big sigh) “No, Mom, you’re going to be a grandmother!
Nana: “Oh! OH!!!”

Yeah, can’t really top that one.

Oh, and I’m cooking dinner because my Dad told me to. He once made the joke that since I am not yet “fully vested” as a mother, I’m still on the hook for making dinner. I have yet to determine when I am fully vested. Probably when I have kids who can cook for me.

The Webmaster bought me a new pair of shoes for Mother’s Day, and I bought myself this. Maybe I’ll watch one of them while I cook dinner.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and grandmas and great-grandmas out there!! And happy birthday (today!!) to my sister-in-law Q-Bee, who deserves a very restful birthday and Mother’s Day after giving birth to baby Berry three and a half weeks ago, and taking care of Belle as well. Q-Bee was actually born on Mother’s Day herself – I think that tops the Webmaster’s phone call.

One Response to “TGIF and Mother’s Day to come”

  1. Linda
    May 9th, 2008 16:54

    Happy Mother’s Day, to you, Deanna!
    Thank you for all of your love and blessings that you give to your Family and each of us through your wonderful ministrations with your blog!