Yawning through the day

I am all kinds of tired.

Yes, it is my fault. I go to bed insanely late, then I either have to get up early or I am woken by Tad, who, ever since he learned to open doors (we have old-fashioned knobs – he learned how to open lever handles a looong time ago) has decided to crawl in with the Webmaster and me as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Which might be as early as 6 am. And he doesn’t necessarily fall asleep – he’s ready to chat, read a few books, and take on the world.

This will be great next fall, when he’s in preschool and class starts at 8 am(!), but not so great right now. Although, he has become quite the reliable alarm clock for me.

Yesterday, we went to the Seattle Aquarium, which we haven’t been to since it’s big remodel last summer. To say that Tad loved it was an understatment. I think he would like to move in there. His favorite spot was the new Window on Washington Waters exhibit, which is brand-new and pretty spectacular. We even caught the dive show that goes along with it. Tad kept running up and down the window, saying “Fish!” He pronounces it “feesh” and it was nothing short of adorable to see him discover tank after tank of fish, and hear him saying (like a broken record) “Feesh. Feesh. Feesh!!”

Sea mammals? Forget ’em. He would have spent his whole day running around the fish tanks. Ane had other plans, and kept us moving because she wanted to see the whole place.

They had a great day, and then took car naps. A car nap means that they only slept in the car on the way home, and then didn’t go back to sleep once they got home. Which meant that Mommy continued to be exhausted for the rest of the day. And that they went to bed early.

Yes, I have pictures, and they will get posted.

So, I am going to adjust my sleeping habits. And cut down on TV (easier, now that shows are going into summer break and all). And try not to read late at night (it keeps me up unless I am dead exhausted). And get my chores done, bit by bit, during the day so I’m not trying to cram them all into the late hours of the night.

And if Murphy’s Law holds, Tad will start sleeping in and then I’ll be REALLY rested.

Have a great (long) weekend, everyone! I’ll be here on Monday – we’re not going anywhere. We’re having people over! Who wants to come?

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