How to keep Tad awake

Yesterday was a busy day.

Because it was a busy day, no naps took place. Not for lack of trying, mind you. But we got home later than I’d thought we would, and neither child fell asleep in the car on our way back from the mall, and by that time it was too late to put either of them down for a nap.

So I just skipped it, put up with a little more crankiness than usual, and prepared dinner early to pave the way for an early bedtime.

However, we always have a problem doing this when it comes to Tad… because he is notorious for falling asleep over his dinner if he hasn’t napped. If that boy ever is restrained (in a high chair, in a car seat, etc.) and he is tired, he will drop off like a rock.

And as I predicted, as soon as he’d polished off his dinner, Tad began to drift into a gentle doze. The Webmaster and I sprung into action, cleaning him up and trying to rouse him. He just started to fuss and whine as the Webmaster washed his face and hands, and I tried talking to him. It was becoming a hopeless case… and it was only 6:30 pm.

Desperately, I said, “Tad, how about we watch Here Come the 123’s?”

His eyes popped open. “Ahn-fu-free? An’ John?”

“Yes, 123’s. With John and John,” I promised.

The Webmaster removed the tray from his high chair, and Tad climbed down like a shot and positioned himself at my side as I put in the DVD.

He stayed awake (and danced and sang) for the whole DVD (which is about 45 minutes), and by the time it was over, we could put him to bed without having him wake us up at 5 am. My desperate plan had worked, and Tad was happy that he had gotten to see one of his favorite DVDs.

So, thank you, They Might Be Giants. You kept Tad awake for me.

And yes, Tad knows the names of the lead singers of TMBG and says them frequently, but he won’t address his own sister by name. Yeah. I know it’s weird.

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