The best reason to eat dinner

Doc is out-of-town this week (out-of-country as well), so Friend, Best Babysitter and the boys were over at our house for dinner last night. The kids generally did pretty well together – although all of the adults expressed great confusion on WHY these preschoolers (the Brain, Ane and Head) all find Tad’s baby/little kid toys so much fun to play with.

Due to our propane tank emptying out during pre-heating (oops), dinner ran a little later and a little crazier than usual. So as we were getting the kids set up with dinner, I was hastily whipping up chocolate pudding for dessert. Instant chocolate pudding is one of those cheap treats that the kids just love – and you can make great fudgesicles out of it as well.

As I was finishing up with the pudding, Head decided to give up halfway through dinner, proclaiming that he didn’t feel like eating any more. He wanted to go back to playing with the baby toys.

“Head,” I said, getting his attention as I lifted up the bowl of chocolate pudding that I was about to put into the fridge to chill.

His eyes went wide. “Oh.” Pause. “That’s why I need to eat all my dinner,” he continued.

Smart kid.

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