A fateful meeting

While in southern California, I finally got to meet someone who has been a real blogging friend to me – Matthew from ChildsPlayx2. He brought his lovely wife Andrea and his adorable twins out to meet our whole entourage at the San Diego Zoo while we were there.

He’s already blogged about our meeting, and how Ane managed to get herself lost and lose his son within just a few hours of meeting them. Siccing Ane on new kids is never a pretty picture. It’s a good thing everyone was found fairly quickly, and again, my apologies. Fortunately, he reads the blog so he kind of had an idea of what Ane would be like…

It was really cool to be in the presence of blogging greatness. Matthew has been consistently supportive in my blogging efforts, and for a while, I was the most popular link on his site after he posted about our visit. THAT was a real thrill. I’ve fallen down the ladder since, but it was really fun to see that for a few days.

But the best part was just getting to chat with and spend some time with someone who has only existed inside a computer for the longest time. Matthew and Andrea were very gracious and funny, and we really enjoyed the time we spent at the zoo with them. Ane now refers to the twins, TheMonk and Swee’Pea, as her “zoo friends.” TheMonk and Swee’Pea managed to not be totally overwhelmed by Ane’s smothering friendliness, and they are even cuter in person than in their pictures. The twins are two months older than Tad, and I’ve been reading about them since they were little babies, so it was really fun (and kind of shocking – how did they grow up so fast??) to meet two very BIG kids!

And, as proof that he didn’t find us to be completely crazy people, Matthew is still reading and commenting on the blog. *whew*

Thanks again for meeting up with us, Matthew! And you are always welcome up here in the Northwest – and I promise to not allow my kids to lose your kids again. Honest.

On a totally off-topic but important note, happy birthday to Resiss!! According to UPS, your birthday package should be arriving tomorrow. I sent your card separately. Happy 25th!!!

3 Responses to “A fateful meeting”

  1. Ressis
    July 22nd, 2008 05:49

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Matthew
    July 22nd, 2008 06:49

    It was so great getting to finally meet you, The Webmaster and the kids. And TheMonk isn’t emotionally scarred like I feared. He hasn’t even mentioned being lost once since that day so no harm, no foul.

    And it taught us we can’t let our little ones roam around without watching them closely. You’d think we’d learn that by now but sometimes a lesson is needed!

    (And happy birthday to Ressis from us too!)

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