A few hours off

On Friday, I received my phone call reminder from my hair salon – I had an appointment scheduled for 9:30 am on Saturday.

Though it was written down in my day planner, it had totally slipped my mind. So, I told the Webmaster that I had the appointment, and that I wanted to run a few errands after that. He said, “Sure. You need the break.”

So, after my haircut (and a divine shampooing during which my stylist kept telling me to RELAX), I went over to Michaels craft store. They had a 20% off “your total regular price purchase” coupon last week, and I promptly bought every Disney sticker and paper set that I thought I needed to create scrapbooks of our trip for each of the kids and a big family album for us.

Then I drove over to Target and leisurely made my way through the store. It was so wonderful to be able to browse aisles without telling someone to not touch things. I might have acheived nirvana around the toothpaste… but then I remembered that I had to buy vitamins for the kids. We are out of our giant Costco bottle of chewable dinosaur vitamins that I give to Ane whole and split in half for Tad. Since I had a coupon, I bought Tad My First Flintstone vitamins (he HAS to have a chewable – for the life of me, I cannot get him to eat a gummy vitamin, which means that the calcium gummy bears that Aimee so thoughtfully picked up for him are being willingly eaten by Ane. He’s not eating fruit gummies right now, either), and got Ane Princess Chewables. I had only seen them in gummy form previously, but now they have both a gummy AND a chewable. Yippee!

Ane was thrilled to get Princess vitamins. She also has Princess toothpaste, a Princess toothbrush (currently Belle), and Princess band-aids. Not to mention her stuffed dolls, her little plastic dolls, her T-shirts, her dress-up dresses and matching shoes, her CD and her coloring books and these books.

The Princesses are taking over the world, don’t you know. Resistance is futile.

After finishing up at Target, I realized that I had been out for a couple of hours all by myself. I had really needed the break, but I’d been gone longer than I thought I’d be. To make it up to the Webmaster, I walked over to Cost Plus World Market and bought him the Summer Brews beer sampler. Because I am a loving wife.

Of course, when I got home, I found out that the kids had just finished up watching a movie that they’d started as soon as breakfast was over.

I still gave the Webmaster his present, though.

3 Responses to “A few hours off”

  1. Ressis
    August 4th, 2008 08:58

    Hey, that’s how Oddball watches our kids: pops in a movie!

    And the Webmaster’s right, you did need a break.

  2. Aunt Mary
    August 5th, 2008 09:38

    I could feel the stress leaving your body as you browsed the aisles of Target! Been there! Hang in there. Things WILL get better.
    Aunt Mary

  3. Alexandria (aka Reavan, KotOR is love
    August 8th, 2008 15:08

    Princesses ARE taking over!
    I have instituted weekly tea parties, with the 4 kids that I babysit, attendance based on good behavior. The basic brainstorm was based on the fact that little girls are obsessed with the whole Disney Princess Thing. Therefore, I announced that we would have a Princess Tea Party every Friday, but only ‘real’ princesses would be invited. (or knights of the round table, for the boys)
    ‘Real’ princesses, of course, are always polite and kind, share nicely, do their chores, clean up after themselves, and eat lunch without complaining. Oh, and they don’t pick their noses or talk back. The kids and I designed a poster where they get stars for each royal moment, and have stars removed for acting like evil stepsisters. If they get a certain amount of stars by the end of the week, then they are deemed princesses, are duly crowned, and spend a day decorating the house with pink crepe paper and nibbling on cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches. I haven’t yet had to deal with one who hasn’t made the mark by the end of the week. ^^
    It works like a charm. For once, Disney saves the day. This week the Princess was Mulan, so we rented both movies, had rice, ramen, fake sushi, pocky and rice crackers with green tea, and had some Mulan themed games like three legged races and Dragon Tag. The kids also made Chinese wall scrolls and paper plate dragon masks. All in all, I would call it a rousing success