It’s very humid here, though the temperature has been dropping. Still, it’s sapping my energy.

I don’t feel like dragging Spica-cast Boy out anywhere, so we’re pretty much staying at home. This leads to lots of whining on Ane’s part, and I am trying to keep my cool – literally and figuratively. Thank You, God, for air conditioning.

I spent yesterday puttering about, making sure the kids got their meals with the minimum amount of heat created in the kitchen, and putting together stamp sets (three of them for a older customer who can’t cut rubber for herself, so I do it for her).

Except for the dishes, I don’t think I did any chores at all.

Oh, and the kids didn’t nap, so they went to bed an hour early. Tad actually crashed before the Webmaster was done reading to him. Ane barely made it through our chapter of Little House in the Big Woods. I really hope that they are in better moods today. I honestly don’t mind letting them skip naps, especially Tad in his condition, but they sure get grouchy.

And I’ve decided that we’re going to advance their entertainment education by watching classic musicals. Yesterday it was Mary Poppins. Maybe we’ll continue the Julie Andrews theme and take on The Sound of Music today.

And I’ll keep plugging away at the stamp sets, because I’m going to have to start making Christmas cards soon. Did I just type that?

Four weeks until the cast comes off!!! I’d better get productive while I can still leave Tad in one spot and he won’t move too far.

One Response to “Semi-Productive”

  1. Ressis
    August 7th, 2008 07:12

    Little Cousin LOVES “The Sound of Music” it’s her favorite! She sings the songs all day, marches around like the von Trapp children. Even once she pretended her French fries were the von Trapp children singing “So long, farewell . . .” having them dance around her plate. Then she suddenly said “Oh no! Oh no!” and she ate the von Trapp children.