Eight Years

According to the chart, this is our bronze anniversary.

Eight years ago, we promised to stick together, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health (actually, I didn’t promise that one… the pastor accidentally left it out of my vows, so if the Webmaster is sick, then I’m technically off the hook…) until death do us part.

At this point, I think that the kids are more likely to kill one of us than we are likely to split up.

Happy Anniversary, Webmaster! How about we skip the bronze gifts and just go out to dinner instead?

6 Responses to “Eight Years”

  1. Secha
    August 12th, 2008 03:53

    Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys have a fantastic day. =)

  2. Ressis
    August 12th, 2008 06:11

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for not putting a picture of the wedding party up. My hair looks stupid and the dresses were hideous (oops, that was a slip!).

  3. Aimee
    August 12th, 2008 09:12


  4. linda
    August 12th, 2008 10:41

    Happy 8th Anniversary!
    Make new Memories to Treasure ‘tomorrow’!

  5. Juliet
    August 13th, 2008 17:10

    I’m late, but happy anniversary! I can’t believe it was eight years ago.

  6. Matthew
    August 15th, 2008 07:47

    Aaah! I’ve been out of the blog world for the past few days and look what I missed! Happy Anniversary!