School’s In (for Auntie)

It’s the day after Labor Day, and Auntie is back in school as a freshly-minted sophomore.

Sunday night, she baby-sat Ane, Tad, the Brain and Head at Friend and Doc’s house while all the grown-ups (plus Best Babysitter) watched Casino Royale with RiffTrax. Since neither the commentary or the movie are child-appropriate, we had to get someone to watch them in order to watch the movie together. The days of us watching a movie while the kids lay around, drooling and oblivious, are long over…

On our way back home, Auntie lamented that her summer was over. “Softball ate up all my time, so I didn’t get to hang out with my friends at all!”

As the Webmaster and I pointed out all the things she did do this summer, Ane cut in. “Why are we even talking about this?”

Translation: “Stop talking about her and talk about ME.”

Auntie did find enough time this summer to feed the ducks at Country Village with her oldest niece:

They did this a couple of weeks ago after we had tea together. It rained not long after this picture was taken. Weather-wise, our summer was pretty lame around here. I think it was warmer in May than it was in June. July did manage some sun, but then August fizzled out with only one hot (and humid) weekend.

So, Ane never got to the beach, but she did manage to feed some ducks. And she and the Webmaster went to our local single-A baseball club’s game last Friday, so she did manage to squeeze in a baseball game before the summer ended.

But we have over another week before Ane starts school, and two weeks until Tad starts, so we have a smidge more summer left. But Auntie starts back today. Good luck, kiddo!!

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