The cast is off TOMORROW!!!

First thing we do, bathe him. And then I will post pictures. So don’t expect a post until mid-afternoon tomorrow, mmmkay?

In other family news…

My brother-in-law, Oddball, a frequent commenter on the blog and devoted father and uncle, left yesterday for a tour of duty in Iraq. (He is a 1st lieutenant in the Army.) Before he left, and because he’s broken a few bones in his day, he did something really wonderful for his only nephew. Oddball got his regiment (it might have been his unit – please correct me if I’m wrong, Ressis) to issue Tad a Purple Heart. The medal he could get and send to him from the supply shop, but Tad actually received a regimental service Purple Heart coin.

It was so cool that we showed it off at Tad’s birthday party.

So, Oddball will be away until probably February. He’s going to be very busy, but we will be sending him care packages and Star Wars novels until he returns. Please say a prayer for his safety, and prayers for Ressis, Little Cousin and Baby Cousin, as they will miss him terribly until he comes home.

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  1. Ressis
    September 3rd, 2008 07:23

    Yes, it was the regiment that issued the coin, Third Armored Cavalry Regiment (3d ACR).