Being Social

Ane’s first day back at school went very well. She was slightly disappointed not to be in her old classroom, but that was her only hang-up. She met some of her new classmates, and her new teachers, and immediately scoped out where the play kitchen and the pretend stuff was, and the doll cradle and dolls in the loft. (Each classroom has a little loft, with three kids allowed up there at a time.)

When her teacher called them to “circle time” to read a story, Ane raised her hand. “Yes, Ane?” her teacher asked.

Clearly crestfallen, Ane asked, “Does this mean that we have to go home soon?”

The teacher reassured her that she would get to come back tomorrow for a full day (which, for preschool, is 2 and a half hours). So, Ane is very happy to be back in school with new friends to make.

Tonight, though, we will all be going to Tad’s new school, which is our school district’s early education center. They are hosting an ice cream social for all the families, both new and returning, and the kids get to take a peek at their classroom. It’ll be nice to start to get Tad acclimated to school, and maybe meet some of his classmates.

Of course, our real challenge will be to keep Ane from running the show. Bringing our very high-functioning verbally advanced child into a setting where most of the kids are dealing with learning issues is going to be interesting, to say the least. Hopefully, we’ll just keep her mouth full of ice cream and get some talking done ourselves. 🙂

In memoriam – September 11, 2001. May we never forget.

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