School’s In (For Tad)

My little boy started preschool yesterday.

I specifically bought him that shirt at Knott’s Berry Farm because it was perfect for his first day of school. He cried when I dropped him off, because he truly had no idea what was going on. It’s not like he had a concept of what “school” is. However, I left him crying and took Ane with me to the parent meeting in the school library. Tad eventually calmed down, and when Ane and I checked in on him later (all the classrooms have one-way windows so parents can peek in), he was sitting down with the other students in “circle time” and doing pretty well.

When he saw me waiting to pick him up after school, his face just lit up and he hugged me so hard that if I hadn’t adjusted his arms, he could’ve strangled me with love. Even though he’s much younger than I’d ever intended on having him in school, I know that this will be good for Tad. He’s going to get both the social interaction and speech therapy that he needs – four days a week. I met the speech language pathologist today and she seems very nice. All his teachers were saying how well he did, but that as the school day progressed and he seemed to get more tired, his limp became more pronounced. Still, he was getting around really well – considering he’s been out of the cast for just eleven days.

Oh, and here is Ane from her first day of school, because I hadn’t posted it earlier:

She was quite upset that she doesn’t get to go to school until Wednesday, although she was happy to have ballet class today. “What am I going to DO, Mommy?” she keeps asking me. She wants to get back to doing things like…

… seeing all the cool toys in her classroom…

… painting more pictures…

… and setting elaborate tables for her imaginary/pretend family.

How come I can’t get her to do these things at home?

2 Responses to “School’s In (For Tad)”

  1. Ressis
    September 16th, 2008 06:07

    They are so cute!

  2. Matthew
    September 16th, 2008 07:20

    First, I want to go to Ane’s pre-school too! That looks like fun!

    Second, so sweet that Tad is such a mama’s boy! 🙂 Glad you both survived the first day of school!