Tad’s relationship with the bathroom

He likes to flush toilets.

Not that he wants to sit on one and produce anything, mind you, but he loves to flush. He’ll even follow me into the bathroom and be my personal flusher. So, at least we know that he’s not afraid of the toilet.

Now that he is in school, Tad is actively having to work on his potty training. Because of his developmental delays, we have found it very easy to keep putting off potty training. Once we got back from Disneyland (where Ane absolutely had a snit-fit about their automatic flushing toilets at one point), we started to make an attempt to actively train Tad. I had wanted to wait until warmer summer weather anyway (less layers to deal with), so once we got back from vacation, it began.

And immediately stopped when Tad broke his femur and was in a Spica cast for six weeks. Yeah. That’ll put a crimp in anyone’s potty training agenda.

So, when Tad met his new teachers right before school started and they asked about potty training, I just showed them a picture of him in his cast and said, “Um, we had a minor setback with that…”

They were very understanding, but the bottom line is, we’ve got to start really working on it at home.

During school, Tad’s whole class goes for a bathroom break. I’ve seen the bathrooms at school and they are very nice and kid-sized (low toilets and low sinks), but I’m not exactly sure if Tad is having any success there or not. All I know is, I sent 5 Pull-Ups to go into his storage box in the school bathroom, and they haven’t asked me to send more.

Apparently, Little Cousin gets a potty report at her school. I wish they had something like that at Tad’s.

I guess it’s time to break out Elmo’s Potty Time… again…

But, in honor of Little Cousin’s continued potty success, I found this for her entertainment. Since she’s such a big Sound of Music fan, I think she’ll love it.

2 Responses to “Tad’s relationship with the bathroom”

  1. Ressis
    September 25th, 2008 05:45

    Little Cousin liked the video clip. I wish “Sesame Street” would use Monsterpiece Theater segments in new episodes.

    I think the reason Little Cousin’s done so well with the potty at school is because there are a bunch of other kids using it too. Maybe Tad will want to see why the other kids are so intrigued.

    On a funny note, Baby Cousin knows that when someone is on the potty we clap for them. This is very amusing when I’m on the potty and she’ll come in and start clapping for me.

  2. Aimee
    September 26th, 2008 09:54

    I hear ya Ressis, my son tells me “Good job mom, I’m so proud of you!” 🙂

    Go Tad!!