Teenager or Preschooler?

Usually, choosing the parent who reads her a bedtime story is a matter of great importance to Ane.

In fact, Saturday night the Webmaster read to both kids, since he’d been out at Taz and Tweety’s house watching the Apple Cup during the afternoon. My poor Huskies. Let us bury this season and never speak of it again.

Ane was upset because she wanted me to read to her. When I told her that Daddy was going to do it because 1) I was tired, and 2) I had heartburn, she was only mildly placated. But she agreed to it.

Last night, as we were getting the kids into their pajamas, the Webmaster and I hurriedly conferred on who was reading to whom. And usually, Tad ends up with whichever parent Ane didn’t choose, because he’s generally not picky, and she is.

So, the Webmaster knocked at Ane’s door as she was getting into her jammies. “Ane, who do you want to read to you tonight?”

I heard her response from the hall. “Whatever.”

Did we skip childhood and hit puberty without me noticing it?

2 Responses to “Teenager or Preschooler?”

  1. Ressis
    November 24th, 2008 07:51

    Good luck with that.

  2. Webmaster
    November 24th, 2008 11:39

    I had to bite my lip and turn my head toward Deanna so as to not fully guffaw in Ane’s face. My WORD that was funny.