Playing with fire

Methinks Tad might need a new playmate.

Perhaps one that doesn’t stuff blankets in his shirt.

Or tie him up with dishtowels.

Apparently, Gichan’s philosophy is if we can’t put Tad in a padded room, then we should just pad up Tad instead.

And you can just tell how much he hates it. I mean, he kept coming back for more and was giggling his head off. And when Gichan did leave, Tad wouldn’t let me take anything off him and fussed when I finally did. Clearly, he didn’t enjoy this at all.

And he can’t wait for Gichan to come back to stuff him up again.

One Response to “Playing with fire”

  1. Ressis
    December 5th, 2008 07:32

    Dad just speaks Tad’s language.

    And you are the best big sister in the world.