What This Tells Me

Ane has been begging for a certain Christmas ornament since the second she laid eyes on it. And me rolling my eyes and telling her I’d think about it didn’t satisfy her. Every time she saw something that suggested it, she’d remind me that she REALLY WANTED that ornament.

On Sunday, I caved. It was on sale, and I caved.

But what does her desire for this ornament tell you?

I can tell you what it says to me…

1) Ane is definitely a resident of the greater Seattle area.

2) We spend WAY too much time and money at Starbucks.

3) I let her drink liquids out of these cups far too often (granted, she’s drinking hot chocolate, but still).

4) I let her drink coffee far too often (never from Starbucks, but she does drink a heavily creamered child-size teacup’s worth at home often).

5) Mommy is a pushover and is also crazy for allowing this on her tree.

The insane part is, I picked out the red Christmas version of the cup for her, thinking that at least it would be more festive on the tree. When she saw it, she flipped her lid. I had picked the WRONG ONE. She wanted the REGULAR BROWN CUP.

And, being a pushover, I sighed, went back, and exchanged the stupid ornament for the one she wanted.

And then she wanted me to take a picture and show everyone on the computer. Meaning that she wanted me to blog about it.

Did I mention that I’m crazy? Still, that kid is good blog fodder.

2 Responses to “What This Tells Me”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    December 23rd, 2008 09:12

    At first I figured she wanted some teen-themed ornament…she’s skipped the teens completely! Or maybe they were last year.
    What a sweetheart! Both of you.
    ~Aunt Lynda

  2. Shelley
    December 23rd, 2008 13:27

    A girls after my own heart.I have a Starbucks cup on my tree, too!
    Looking forward to Christmas Eve. I’m heading down tomorrow, too. I-5 will be no problem. They’ve been keeping it nice & clean through all this weather. Can’t wait to see the kids.