Day Off

Tad would usually be out of school today. But Ane also has today off as well. Both kids have Monday off (as does the Webmaster) because it is Presidents’ Day, but then Tad has a week off for mid-winter break. Ane will have school as usual.

I foresee a lot of trips to Petsmart in my future. Tad and I go there all the time while Ane is in school. It’s like a free trip to the zoo.

But with a few days off, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. The Webmaster and I will be going out to dinner tomorrow for Valentine’s Day, but that’s pretty much it for us.

Truthfully, if I could, I would alternate my time between making cards for my upcoming stamp camp (which I need to work on anyway, seeing as it’s only a week away) and cross-stitching. I’m on a marathon run at the moment. My goal is to make a sampler for Belle and give it to her for her third birthday.

Her third birthday is one month from yesterday.

Fortunately, the sampler is not complex, but I still need to put time into it. And then Ane asked if she could learn to cross-stitch. I promised her that we would look around at the fabric store the next time we went to see if there was any kind of starter kit that a five-year-old could handle.

So, I think we’ll be amping up the crafty here at the corner. Truthfully, I’m glad that Ane is in school next week. It’ll give her something to do, even though Tad will be at home, Grandma will be away visiting the Captain and Q-Bee and the girls, and Cubbies is off for a week. And Tad? Well, I can keep Tad happy with stickers, markers, paper, and a Veggie Tales CD. And the occasional walk through the pet store.

One Response to “Day Off”

  1. Holly
    February 13th, 2009 11:55

    If they don’t have any kid-friendly kits, I’ve heard a great way to teach a child any kind of embroidery is to use burlap (big holes and very inexpensive) and a tapestry needle (blunt) threaded with yarn.