Tad Speaks – Valentine’s Day edition

Valentine’s Day was on a Saturday, which is always a high-traffic day for baby-sitters anyway. I had procured the services of Auntie over a month ago, which was a good thing. We ended up sort of sharing her with Libby’s parents – and Lina and Denny got her last Thursday. All told, Auntie did some decent business this weekend.

The Webmaster and I had secured reservations at one of our favorite “grown-up” restaurants, The Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. We have always gone to the one closest to Grandma and Gichan’s house, which usually means that we end up leaving the kids there. So Auntie watched the kids at her own house while we went out for a VERY early dinner. Our reservations were at 3:45 pm, and we’d made the reservations a month ahead of time. The food there is fantastic. I totally recommend the chicken marsala. The Webmaster had the pork shank this time.

We left, completely stuffed (we splurged on dessert – hey, it was Valentine’s Day!) and then went to pick up the kids after stopping at Wendy’s for chicken nuggets and fries for them. Yes, I ate chicken marsala, they ate chicken nuggets. Your point is…?

After they ate their dinner at Grandma and Gichan’s, we started getting coats and shoes on to head for home. The kids had not napped that day, and they were tired and needed baths. Tad and Ane made their rounds to Grandma, Gichan, Auntie and Libby (who had arrived by then) to say good-bye.

When Tad got to Grandma, she hugged him and said, “Tad, say ‘Bye, Grandma.'” We often need to prompt him to say these things.

Tad leaned in to Grandma’s hug. “Kiss me,” he said instead.

She complied.

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  1. Aunt Lynda
    February 16th, 2009 11:02