He wants his own sandbox

There is a sand pit on the playground at Tad’s school. Which he loves.

It’s a fairly large area, with some hand-operated cranes bolted into the ground for the kids to move sand with. Tad first saw this on open house night, and was instantly smitten. We could barely drag him away.

Over the course of the school year, I have trained myself to check his shoes before I simply toss them on the floor after taking them off after school. More often than not, I am going outside to pour out sand.

Tad has taken it to a whole new level now.

Yesterday, when I took off his school Pull-Up just before naptime, I found that he had smuggled home sand in his underpants. His whole bottom was coated in sand. And there was no way to get it off except to bathe him.

As I carried Mr. Sandy Butt to the tub, he said, “Mama? Go potty? Go pee-pee?”

“Nope, Buster, you need a bath.”

After a rinse-off bath (which also took care of his dusty feet – yes, his shoes were quite full as well), there was a fine residue of sand left in the bottom of the tub. I left it there to show the Webmaster.

Tad willingly went for a clean diaper, and as I pinned it on him, I was shaking my head. “Buddy, doesn’t having sand in your butt, well, hurt???

He didn’t say, and I’m certainly not going to try it out for myself.

Note to self: buy sandbox for the summer. Make sure it has a lid. Be prepared to hose off boy when needed.

2 Responses to “He wants his own sandbox”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    February 24th, 2009 09:13

    When Ron was Tad’s age, the house we rented had a load of fine gravel mixed with sand to use when the driveway got rough. It had just been dumped, so was piled up high. It didn’t cling as badly as building sand. Ron had every Tonka Toy there was, and when we moved away 5 years later, the pile was level. So what is he doing now? Heavy equipment operator!

  2. Webmaster
    February 24th, 2009 14:24

    Yes, with a lid, please… too many neighborhood cats to deal with it otherwise.