Tad Speaks – learning his colors

Tad’s artistic vision often gets lost in his choice of medium.

That is to say, he often punishes whatever he’s using so much that it breaks. Or he eats it. Well, he hasn’t done that for a while, but there was a time when markers and crayons were more food than art items.

Last night at Cubbies, Tad was gamely beating a piece of cardstock with a green colored pencil. Which is what it pretty much looked like. He finally did try scribbling with the same pencil, under the watchful eye of both myself and his Sunday School teacher Lissa, who has started to come to Cubbies to help out with Tad. For all the torment he’s put her through, they really do love each other very much, and I appreciate her in more ways than I can say.

Tad finally gave up his green pencil, then looked over at the rest of the colors. “Green!” he declared, and then picked up a red pencil.

“Um, buddy, that’s a red pencil,” I helpfully reminded him.

He didn’t even look up at me. “I know dat,” he replied as he began coloring hard in red.

Sure you do, kid. At least I know you’re not colorblind, even if your father is. You lost that gene altogether in the meeting of the DNA that made you, lucky boy.

Oh, and American Idol? Because I know that people are coming here for my American Idol opinions. Allison and Adam are sure locks for the Top 12. The last spot is up for grabs, and I really don’t know who will end up with it, though I think it might be Megan. I don’t really get her appeal – we’ve seen both the tattooed chick and single mom before, though not in the same person – but it would serve the judges right if Nick was voted through. Still, it will be interesting to see who out of this particular group makes the wild card round.

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