Right now at The Corner, every day feels like a Saturday.

With the Webmaster at home for the immediate present, it feels like there is very little to differentiate our days during the week. The kids are still in school, but with Daddy always at home, our regular routine has been altered. And not necessarily for the better.

When Daddy is at home, the kids expect to have access to him. When he did work from home during our heavy snows this winter, it was near to impossible to make the kids leave him alone. Now, with the Webmaster staking out the computer and being on the phone for large chunks of the day, they no longer know what to think.

Hopefully, with both kids in school next week – Ane having suffered through a week with only one day of school, it being conference week – things will be a little closer to normal around here. Still, the whole experience is confusing for them, as it is unsettling for us.

However, the kids have noticed one side benefit of Daddy being home – better lunches. Mommy just can’t slap peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together and call it a day. Well, I could, but the Webmaster has to eat, too. So there’s been a definite uptick in the quality of lunch around here.

I guess that’s a small benefit to a week full of Saturdays.

And now that Tatiana is finally out of the picture, we can finally enjoy our American Idol in peace.

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