Tad Speaks, then Ane Speaks

The children have big mouths. But they also say very funny things.

I ran out to Costco on Friday afternoon with both kids. We had struck a deal – good behavior in exchange for a churro stick. They behaved (the samples that were out certainly helped). I bought them their churro stick (they have to split it between the two of them).

While we were on our way out, Ane was so absorbed in her churro stick that she began drifting away from me in the parking lot.

“Get back over here right now!” I yelled at her.

“Or you’re FIRED!” Tad helpfully added.

Ane came back, and I began laughing as I realized where Tad had picked up that line. (The line is at the 9:38 mark in this clip.)


Yesterday at church, Tad became completely absorbed in saying good-bye to Grandma. And she was already in her car. There was a kiss, and a hug (she opened her door), then she had to roll down the window for some more good-byes and “I love yous” (oh, yes, Tad now says “I know” if you say “I love you.” Guess where he picked that up from).

I was trying to get Tad to come to me so Grandma could leave. “Come on, buddy, it’s time to go home for lunch!”

He ignored me.

Ane came back from the car (where she had been waiting impatiently) and said, “You’re not being interesting enough, Mom.” Then she called to her brother, “Tad! Chocolate milk!

For the record, that didn’t work either, but it was certainly more interesting than anything I had said.

One Response to “Tad Speaks, then Ane Speaks”

  1. Oddball
    March 23rd, 2009 10:09

    Try, “Tad come to the car…We have cookies!”