Feel the need yet?

Hear the sound of tinkling water.

Water. Splashing, dripping, pouring water.

Anyone need to go potty yet?

Nope? Well, neither does Tad, and not for any lack of trying on our part.

In an effort to exploit the psychology of running water in our favor, the Webmaster started running the bathroom faucet. In an effort to conserve water in our effort to make the boy pee, I hung the teakettle on the faucet. It made all these great splashy sounds, none of which had any effect on Tad.

So. Tea, anyone? The kettle’s full!

American Idol tonight… bye-bye, Michael or Megan Joy. However, I think that if Megan Joy is voted out, the judges might actually vote to save her. I guess we’ll see tonight. Also, Adam is actually quite good-looking when he chooses to look like a guy instead of an emo girl.

2 Responses to “Feel the need yet?”

  1. Nana
    March 26th, 2009 07:59

    What you wrote
    made me bolt.
    Now it’s time
    for tea.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    March 26th, 2009 08:37

    Running water sure works for me. But at my age, it doesn’t take much. I’m in there regularly anyway.
    IMHO, Megan was really awful, again. And Michael just doesn’t measure up, as cute as he is.
    Too bad the sexes are so uneven. But vote to let her stay? Surely not!
    And Adam doesn’t want to be male, but he sure was good looking.