Weekend Wipeout

We all came through the weekend more or less intact.

We spent Saturday at Nana and Papa’s house – 300 miles, round-trip. Nana was hosting a stamp camp, so the kids got to visit and play, and Mommy got to drum up a little business. And it SNOWED at their house. At the end of MARCH. We drove away with huge flakes falling and plenty of slush on the road until we came out of the higher elevations.

However, the weekend was not injury-free. Tad took quite a spill at Nana and Papa’s – on what piece of furniture we’re not quite sure (Ane says it was a chair) and ended up with a knot on his eyebrow. It’s still kind of purple, but the swelling has definitely gone down.

Ane took a spill while roller skating at the Lions Hall. Papa was running the skating floor while Nana was hosting her camp, so the Webmaster took Ane to go skating (Tad refused to leave his Mommy). Ane got knocked over by another kid (it was accidental) and got a fantastic purple bruise on her knee. She then compounded her weekend injuries by taking a fall while out walking with her Dad and brother on Sunday afternoon, putting a hole in a perfectly good pair of jeans. *sigh* Mommy needs to patch them, I guess, but the iron-on patches I have are not the greatest. The patch always peels up after one washing, so I guess I need to stitch the edges down somehow.

I am physically tired (throwing a camp is a lot of work!) and the Webmaster spent his weekend running after the kids, driving both ways on Saturday, and backing up my blog.

I think we all need the normalcy of a school week to put us back on track. Unfortunately, this will be our last week of “normal” for a couple of weeks – Tad has spring break next week, and Ane the week after him. Depending on the Webmaster’s employment status (pending!!!), we might be able to go do something fun during Tad’s week off.

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