The kids had dental appointments this afternoon. Ane, as usual, was her charming self and was able to do everything – albeit in a giggly fashion – except get x-rays. She kept gagging on the films that they wanted her to bite down on. Contrary to popular belief, she does have a rather small mouth. Physically, anyway.

Tad, however, had just come from school – where he did not have his best day (but it wasn’t his worst, either) – and he was cranky and tired and just wanted Mommy and lunch. I finally had to hold him in my lap in the dental chair so he could get his teeth checked out.

Both kids’ teeth are fine – aside from their overbite issues – and Ane, somewhere along the line and no one noticed, has acquired her top two 6 year old molars. I did a total double-take on that one. She didn’t say a word and obviously they came in rather easily. (On a funny note, when she told her Gichan that she already had two of her 6 year old molars, he told her, “You’re only five. You’re not allowed to have those yet.”) The bottom ones will soon follow, but they don’t seem imminent.

And THEN, our dentist said while checking Ane’s teeth, “Any loose teeth yet?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said cautiously.

“Uh-huh.” And then she listed off two teeth numbers and said “I’m seeing a definite wiggle.”


“Which teeth? In civilian terms?” I asked, which drew a laugh from the dental assistant.

Ane’s bottom two front teeth – the very first teeth she ever acquired as a baby – have begun to go ever-so-slightly loose.

I can handle having a kindergartener. I can handle Ane being five.

I cannot handle Ane being old enough to LOSE TEETH.

Not that we’re not going to have fun with the Tooth Fairy around here, mind you. But that she could actually be OLD enough to lose teeth is mind blowing.

What happened to my baby girl???

Ane's first baseball game, April 2004

She’s growing up right before my eyes.

Ane at fire station field trip

This last picture was taken last Friday. Ane’s preschool class went on a field trip to the local fire station and got to walk through a EMS truck and a hook-and-ladder truck. One of the teachers is helping her hop down because I’m too busy taking the picture.

And lest you think I forgot about American Idol amidst my shock over Ane’s teeth, let me just say… bye-bye, Megan. Your goose is finally cooked and best of all, I don’t think the judges will even save you after that performance.

3 Responses to “What?!??!”

  1. Ressis
    April 1st, 2009 06:37

    No! No! She’s not old enough to be losing teeth! That would mean that we are old! and I’m too young to be old!

  2. Aunt Lynda
    April 1st, 2009 08:00

    You are never too young to be old; and you are never too old to be young. Isn’t that wonderful!
    Yes, the tooth fairy and all the drama before the big event is fun! Maybe she will be All I Want For Christmas…..
    And yes, Goodbye Megan. Finally.

  3. Matthew
    April 6th, 2009 22:15

    Those eyes sure haven’t changed. (And I don’t want to hear about kids getting older. I’m not ready either.)