A new puzzle master

As regular readers of this blog know, Ane is a puzzle fiend. While she still enjoys doing her old 24 or 36 piece puzzles (especially if they have Princesses on them), she has conquered 50 and 60 piece ones now, and is regularly doing 100 piece puzzles on her own.

We even purchased a Disney puzzle box set (which I cannot find online for some unknown reason, but I could find it at two different big-box stores around here) that has 4 100 piece puzzles, 2 300 piece ones, and 2 500 piece ones. Let’s just say that she’s enjoying herself.

Up until now, Tad has seen puzzles as his sister’s thing. He does have some wood puzzles, but he’s never really been engaged in them. Mostly, he liked playing with the pieces and hiding them all over the house, which annoyed me to no end. So, puzzles weren’t his cup of tea.

Until now.

On a whim, and because I figured he was getting older and we could at least do them together, I bought him a 24 piece Cars puzzle which has Lightning McQueen on the race track. Yes, I know what my son likes. And he LOVED it. We opened it up and did it together. Then he took it apart, and we did it again.

I gave it to him on Friday, and we did it twice that day, and twice Saturday. He wanted to put the puzzle together again yesterday after church, but I was making lunch and couldn’t stop to help him. I asked Ane if she would help him, and she said she would – and then she promptly disappeared into her room to play.

So Tad, left to his own devices, started putting the puzzle together on his own.

I kept checking on him, and nearly fell over when I realized that he was actually putting the puzzle together all by himself.

I then grabbed the camera to document it for everyone to witness. He did this all on his own.

Tad finishes his puzzle

Last piece!

Looking at his handiwork

The finished puzzle

He then proved that this was no fluke by doing it twice more after dinner, in front of a very impressed Doc, Friend and Best Babysitter.

There is another 24 piece Cars puzzle in the house – I bought it about a year and a half ago when Ane was doing so many puzzles with the intent that someday, it would be Tad’s. Someday has come, but he prefers the McQueen-on-the-race-track picture to the McQueen-and-Mater-being-chased-by-Frank-the-combine picture.

I asked Ane if she’d be willing to let Tad do some of her old puzzles – she has some 24 piece Sesame Street ones and a Curious George one that he might like to try. She was fine with that, so long as she doesn’t have to share her Princess puzzles. But for now, Tad really just likes his McQueen puzzle.

And the Corner Haus has a new puzzle master to join its puzzle princess.

5 Responses to “A new puzzle master”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    April 6th, 2009 07:51

    Hooray for Tad! Aunt Lynda loooovvves puzzles, but I do not start one very often, because my obsession leads to nothing else being done, and all-night sessions.

    I think it also leads to a reverence for creating and appreciating art and figuring out all kinds of things that require spacial imagination – just what will that other piece need to look like?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aunt Lynda
    April 6th, 2009 11:29

    The comment counter missed me. I’ll try it again.

  3. Matthew
    April 6th, 2009 22:07

    I love that look of pride with his hands on his hips. So cute.

  4. Nana
    April 6th, 2009 23:02

    So proud of Tad! Next visit we’ll have to see the fun in action.

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