Saves and slams

So, the new “save” rule has been invoked on American Idol. But next week, two people are outta there, and there will be no saving them next week. All I want to know is: how does Lil manage to hold on week after week? I had her picked to go this week (and last), but so far she’s hanging in there. She sings well, but she’s like a one-woman cover band.

And hang on for disco week, people. Expect Adam to put his falsetto and eyeliner to good use.


Okay, I am REALLY loving the start of the Mariners’ season. The team is 7-2 to start off, and Ichiro is back off the DL. Which he then celebrated by hitting a grand slam home run. ICHIRO!!! And Griffey hit a home run last night, too. GRIFFEY!!!

Sadly, we have not yet bought tickets to any games this season. We’d kind of like the Webmaster to be employed before we decide to spend money on extras like that. Speaking of which, there is little movement on that front. He’s playing a waiting game with so many recruiters that there are literally multiple placement people calling up about the exact same jobs someone else just called about the day before.

It gets rather tedious. It’ll be seven weeks tomorrow since he was laid off. We’re holding up financially – it helps that Ane’s school tuition bills just ended for the school year, so we are done with that, and that we will qualify for the government COBRA discount (since the insurance companies are finally starting to figure out the government red tape for it), but still. It would be nice to have a steady paycheck coming in again, not just unemployment.

Still, the weather is supposed to be great this weekend, the kids love having Daddy at home, and we can watch the ball games on TV or listen to them on the radio. It’s not all bad – and sometimes, it’s not bad at all.

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