School Updates

Our school schedule was finally back to normal this week after all of our wacky spring break adventures, which means that both kids were back in school.

Tad has been back now for two weeks, and his behavior at school has apparently improved. He’s come home every day with his green “good day” hand stamp, so something is obviously going well. His school had their walk-a-thon yesterday (a school fundraiser that I completely blanked about until two days ago), and the Webmaster attended his session to walk with him and cheer him on. I would have gone, but Tad doesn’t do well with me leaving him at school right now (and coming back and leaving AGAIN would have made it even worse), and Ane needed to get to school.

Interestingly, Tad has not had any individual speech therapy sessions since he got back to school. His therapist did language group this week with the class, and I think she was still on vacation last week. He would have had speech therapy yesterday, but I think the walk-a-thon messed with the class schedule.

And to just prove how distracted I’ve been, coming off all this spring break crazy… I got Tad dressed for school on Monday in a clean pair of jeans and a nice play T-shirt that Auntie gave him (grey with a ringer collar and an orange stripe across the front). It was going to be a warm day, so I’d just decided to dress him casually and in short sleeves.

After I’d kissed him good-bye and the Webmaster had driven him off to school, I happened to check the calendar while I was making Ane’s breakfast.

It was class picture day.

I called the Webmaster and asked him, “Did you like what Tad was wearing this morning?”

“Sure. Why?”

“Because it’s class picture day, and I totally forgot about it!”

“Oh. The shirt is fine. It’s clean and it doesn’t have any logos or characters on it. It’s just fine.”

And you know what? It’s his first year of preschool class picture. It is just fine. Plus, he looked cute.

Ane, of course, is thrilled and relieved to be back at school. Her teacher, who also attends our church, knows how much Ane loves school and is very kind and understanding. For example, after the class field trip to the fire station a few weeks ago, Ane was in tears because the school day had been cut short and we weren’t going back to school after the field trip. Her teacher gave her a hug – and then gave her homework (draw a picture of a fire truck for your mom and dad). I don’t recall that she actually did it, but the gesture helped.

Yesterday, Ane had Lunch Bunch. This means that I pay to let her stay an extra hour after school, pack her a lunch (no nuts allowed!) in her Princess lunch box, and she gets to each lunch and play with the other kids who have signed up for that day. Yes, she loves it. It’s so “grown up” to her. To a five-year-old, there’s nothing more grown up than having a Lunchable and a juice box with your friends after school.

What I can hardly believe is that Ane has only six weeks of school left. (I think Tad has seven weeks left, but don’t tell her that.) What am I going to do with her all summer?

In the meantime, she starts baseball next Tuesday. She will be handling a bat. Be afraid, everyone.

2 Responses to “School Updates”

  1. Ressis
    April 24th, 2009 06:50

    I’ll want to see lots of pictures of her baseball adventures!

  2. Matthew
    May 3rd, 2009 22:07

    Lunch with the girls will always be appealing. Only the beverages change.