Race car!

Another of Tad’s new favorite words.

Race car!

Bristle Block Race Car

The bristle blocks which Tad got for Christmas (thank you, Grandma and Gichan) have been out of his closet for the last few days. On Sunday, Tad built this race car, which he proudly showed off to all of us, including Friend and Doc. And every time a wheel fell off (these are bristle blocks, after all), Tad would immediately hand the whole kit and caboodle to either me or the Webmaster and say, “Mama, fick it!” or “Daddy, fick it!”

Mommy and Daddy are good at “ficking” things.

The race car, alas, was no more not long after this picture. Ane took it apart to make a swing contraption for all of the bristle block people. It didn’t bother Tad too much – he was too busy making “doo-wahs” (also known as guns) out of the remaining bristle blocks.

Cars and guns. Have we mentioned lately how much of a boy he is?

One Response to “Race car!”

  1. Nana
    April 29th, 2009 08:45

    Thank Heaven for little boys, their toys, and parents like you who “fick” things!