Annoying Little Brother Status: Achieved

Friday evening, we packed up the kids and went to Auntie’s softball game. It was Little League night, and we knew that Ane would find some friends to play with there. Ane had the coach’s son in her preschool class last year, and they play T-ball together now at the coach’s facility, so he was at the game. And then one of her current classmates was there as well, because his older sister’s softball team was one of the Little League teams who were coming to see the game.

Auntie started in right field, went 2-2 with one BB, and one of those hits was a nice double down the left-field line. And she was “slapping,” so she was batting left-handed (she’s naturally right-handed).

Ane and Tad enjoyed the game – well, they enjoyed running around with the other kids. Tad mostly tagged after his sister and her friends, but they didn’t seem to mind too much. However, when Ane needed to go to the bathroom and Tad tagged along, she minded. A lot. But Tad refused to be parted from me, so he came along anyway.

Once Ane entered the stall, Tad decided to check on her. Sticking his head under the door (despite my scolding him and telling him to leave his sister alone), Tad asked, “Ane, you okay in dere?”

“Yes,” she replied, annoyed but not overly concerned.

Five seconds later, he checked in on her again. “Ane, you okay in dere?”

“YES.” She was clearly perturbed this time around.

A few seconds later, he was back. “Ane, you okay in dere?”

She’d had enough. “WILL YOU STOP ASKING ME THAT??” she shrieked in the enclosed concrete, echo-y bathroom. “I’M FINE!”

I gave him a knowing look as he pulled back, clearly satisfied that he’d gotten a strong reaction out of her. “Congratulations, Tad,” I said, shaking my head. “You are now officially an annoying little brother.”

Oh, and Auntie’s team won, 7 to 1.

One Response to “Annoying Little Brother Status: Achieved”

  1. Ressis
    May 4th, 2009 05:46

    Poor Ane, he’s only going to get worse.