What Ane Thinks

Ane’s class finally had their Mother’s Day event yesterday at school – her teacher put it off for a week because she wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any conflicts with older siblings. It ended up conflicting for us, because Tad’s teacher wanted to have his IEP meeting yesterday after school, but, you know… you just can’t win when it comes to scheduling for the kids. Ever. So the IEP meeting is next week, and I ate dirt cake and gummy worms with Ane during the class Mother’s Day celebration instead.

The kids made cards for us, and they had filled out a form on the inside with the help of their teachers. Reading it was very enlightening for me, because I got a glimpse of what my daughter really thinks of me.

Here’s what it said, with my comments in parentheses:

– My mom’s name is: Deanna (So far, so good.)

– She is 16 years old (They had to fill in the age – at least I can drive, but the Webmaster is in BIG trouble. I fared better than some of the other moms, though – one kid wrote that her mom was 2 and 1/2.)

– Her favorite food is: Japanese (Okay, not bad.)

– My mom loves to go: To the breakfast restaurant (This is Crystal Creek Cafe, a local diner, for those of you in the know. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite restaurant, but I like going there and it’s very kid-friendly. Obviously, someone is thinking about herself.)

– My mom always tells me to: Go to bed (Preach it, kid.)

– My mom is a good thinker. She knows all about: Me (Because it’s all about HER.)

– Her favorite TV show is: American Idol (Clearly, she did not read my post from yesterday.)

– I love my mom because: She likes me helping her making pancakes (I transcribed this exactly as written. Apparently food is a major motif in our lives. And I don’t think Ane has ever helped me make pancakes – she just likes to EAT them. A LOT.)

Yes, this card is going to be saved for a very long time.

2 Responses to “What Ane Thinks”

  1. Ressis
    May 15th, 2009 06:17

    That’s cute! It reminds me of when Auntie was in Kindergarten and the kids had to write recipes for chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    May 15th, 2009 06:42

    Thanks for sharing. Aren’t kids funny about age?