A fun memory

Ane’s card from last week put me in mind of another sweet and funny card that I once received and have saved to this day.

When the Webmaster and I got married, Auntie was all of seven years old (she was our flower girl in the wedding). At one of my bridal showers, everyone brought a recipe to give to me. My mother did this as well, and apparently Auntie insisted on writing up a recipe card for me as well. I absolutely loved it, and I share it with you all now, transcribed exactly how she wrote it.

from Auntie
serves 16

1. dough. 2. Cups of flour. 3. Cups of water. 1 cap of vinegar now its Time for the topping. 2 can of tomato sauce. Spread on the crust. cut up the Olives. cut up the mushrooms and thats how you make pizza.
the end.

Someday, when Auntie gets married and has a bridal shower, I will photocopy this recipe card so she can make pizza for her own family someday. But the original is mine, and it’s one of the best recipes I ever got.

One Response to “A fun memory”

  1. Ressis
    May 18th, 2009 06:29

    Wait a minute! She didn’t get me anything for my wedding!